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It’s All About Design Personality…. Or Is It?

With so many choices where do you start to find your design personality?

There is no escaping those “quick” quizzes that are will knock your socks off and tell you everything you never knew about yourself.  Maybe your friend took it and was so impressed that they “shared their results”.  Maybe, you took one once 5 years ago and now suddenly, it’s a suggested post.  Either way I decided to see how accurate these tests were.

A quick google search for Interior design personality quiz rendered more than 800,000 results in less than half a second (the speed here in itself is mind-blowing especially to someone who grew up using the library’s card catalog).  The first thing I wanted to test was if I could get the same result on multiple quizzes.  I completed 4 totally different quizzes.  Not only did I not get the same result, but they were all over the place.  So, that would probably lead you to believe that they are all bunk and ignore them (or maybe we already knew that but sometimes the quizzes help get you through the mid-day slump).


Apartment Therapy

The first quiz that I took was on apartment therapy’s website.  It asked 7 questions and some of the questions you could admit you did not like anything that was presented.  My result here was the “Eclectic Collector”.  What does that mean exactly? Well, basically that means an unfocused lover of all things awesome.  There is a danger with this style that you will not look awesome so much as like a hoarder.  Watch out!

Bright colors and interesting design with no real focus except the wow factor.

Play Buzz

The next quiz I took was on Play buzz.  This one was 8 questions long and for the most part were more personality based than design related.  On this one my results were “traditional”.  So in a matter of minutes I went from an easy going eclectic collector to a carefully curated precise design personality.  Am I suddenly suffering from a serious case of multiple personalities?  Moving On.

Neutral colors, and the soft lines scream careful planing and traditional sense.


No joke, the next quiz I took was on the esurance website.  You know the auto and home insurance provider.  I seriously doubt that they are a leading voice of interior design but I thought, “what the heck”.  This quiz was 7 questions long and like the previous one was more about personality than design. My result here was “Classic”.  Meaning neutrals and floral print all around.  But also comfort.

Warm colors and inviting textures send out an inviting classic feel.


Finally, I took the quiz provided by HGTV.  If these guys aren’t the experts I am not sure who is exactly.  This quiz was 9 questions long and all design related.  My result here was “Cottage”.  Cottage design is cozy and comfortable but full or vibrant color.

Earth tones and a pop of color scream cozy cottage in the country.


After 4 quizzes I gave up trying to get the same style twice.  However, I did realize something.  It seems like the popular thought is not that these quizzes really peg a person and they are more just something to pass time or encourage the ever resilient and resourceful procrastinator.  I am not at all arguing that point but these 4 seemingly unrelated “design personalities” might not be so far apart and maybe they really do all have me pegged.

I am a lover of all things awesome and in my house you will find things from the think geek library to great artists.  Color abounds and I do like things to feel cozy. But I really stray away from some of the modern looking industrial furniture designs and would choose a wing back chair over a modern Marquee Arm Chair.  So, my conclusion which trust be is totally biased, is that maybe it takes multiple answers to uncover your true self.  Who knows maybe you will find out something brand new about yourself.

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