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Whether it is new construction or a remodel, there are many questions that arise during the design and construction process. Here you will find a few of the most common questions and answers. Each project is unique, however, your personal designer will guide you through the process and answer any questions that arise.

I want to remodel my kitchen. What is the best way to get started?

Do some research. Look in magazines and online for different ideas and designs that appeal to you. Then, give us a call and our designers can tailor a kitchen specifically for you. You can also stop by our showroom or request an in-home consultation.

I want to replace my laminate countertops with something else. What are my options?

There are hundreds of colors and patterns available in many different materials. You can view online samples by following the links on our Products Page. Our designers can also talk to you about the pros and cons of each material in order for you to get exactly what you are looking for.

How long does the remodeling process take?

The process duration varies for each project depending on the extent of work needed. After discussing what you would like accomplished, our designers can give you some ball-park durations and time frames.

Should I hire a General Contractor?

Depending on the type and extent of work needed, a general contractor can be a great help. We work closely with a select few and would be glad to match you up with a proven, honest contractor that specializes in your needs.

I want to add on to my kitchen. Can I buy only a few cabinets at a time?

Our orders range from one cabinet to one hundred cabinets at a time. It is important to know the cabinet manufacturer, door style, finish and wood species of your existing cabinets. Please note that each type of wood and finish ages differently, and most of the time new cabinets will not match old cabinets exactly. We will provide you with a current finish sample for you to compare to you existing cabinets prior to your order.

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