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Happy Earth Day!

Spring is in the air and Earth day is coming up.  It doesn’t seem like remodeling and green go hand in hand but that doesn’t have to be the case. I’m serious you can love our planet and still be eco-friendly.  Whether it is making sure you use materials that are “green” or finding new ways to use the old things.  Here are some of our favorite ways to reuse and repurpose items from a kitchen or bath renovation.

Donate your old stuff to your local ReStore

ReStore is the home improvement store that benefits Habitat for Humanity. You can donate everything from appliances and cabinets to furniture and building supplies. This doesn’t just keep your old items out of the landfill it helps support an organization that helps get people all over the country into homes.

Garage Organization

Use old cabinets to organize and bring new life to your garage.

While dated cabinets can drain equity in your home adding them to the garage will increase your home’s value.  The garage doesn’t necessarily need to be on trend but any buyer who sees the storage and organization potential will do flips. They won’t care if the cabinets are from 1970 they will just be excited to have the storage space.

All about the doors

So maybe you just replaced the doors and so adding storage to the garage is off the table.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t repurpose those doors.  A quick search on Pinterest will render a ton of great ideas for those old doors.

Frame your memories like this one from Duke and Duchesses


Or add some elegance to your new spa retreat like this one from crafty nest

Plant something

 You can get a twofer here.  Use old cabinets, sinks, or even a toilet as a planter.  Take a look at these gems.

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