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Community Involvement

Columbine Kitchen and Bath is proud to announce our support and contribution to the Hinkhouse residence in Elizabeth, CO. We will be donating all of the Kitchen and Bathroom counter tops in this home. We urge you to read this great American’s story. Please encourage other local businesses you deal with to help this cause in any way possible.

Homes for Our Troops

Kade Hinkhouse

 Marine Lance Corporal Kade Hinkhouse was in Ramadi, Iraq in October 2005. While patrolling on a late night mission, the vehicle in which he was riding was hit by a dual stacked IED. The HUMVEE exploded, ejecting LCpl Hinkhouse and leaving him near death with injuries including a depressed skull fracture, collapsed lungs and a severe leg injury.

He was airlifted to Landstuhl, Germany where doctors determined that his right leg required amputation. Forty five percent of his skull also needed to be removed in order to alleviate the swelling, and to allow his brain to heal. Upon returning to the United States, LCpl Hinkhouse spent several months at Bethesda Naval Medical Center before transferring to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. There, he spent more than a year and a half recovering from a cranial plastic surgery to repair his skull, and endured countless hours of rehabilitation.

To thank him for all he has sacrificed ‘Homes for our Troops’ is providing Lance Corporal Hinkhouse and his wife an ADA accessible home. Together Homes for Our Troops, Western Classic Designs (General Contractor), Columbine Kitchen and Bath, and many other local businesses will make this young couples life a little more pleasant. Please feel free to follow this link below to view a video of Hinkhouse as he explains what happened in Iraq, and how his new home will improve his life.

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On behalf of Columbine Kitchen and Bath, I would like to thank the men and women who serve this country, as well as civilian organizations such as Homes for Our Troops who support our service members.

If you or someone you know is interested in supporting this cause, or similar causes, please feel free to contact Homes for our Troops at 508-823-3300.

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