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Man Caves For Every Man

Man Caves For Every Man

It is natural human nature to want a space of your own to escape the worries and everyday hustle and bustle of life.  It only makes sense that one of the dream projects for many men is a man cave.  The term man cave is a broad one so here are some ideas for your new escape.


Man Caves Located in Englewood, Colorado

There are several options for where you can create this space.  The most obvious are the basement, den or garage.  However, with the growing popularity of the man cave there are new spaces popping up.  Here in Denver there are complexes of storage units that are sold and then they are fitted to meet the goals of the owner.  One example is the property rightfully called Man Caves in Englewood, Colorado.

Classic Game Room

Keep it mellow and classic with a billiards room.

Now that you know where your space will be you must decide what type of space you want to achieve.  For some they may want to keep it classic.  A room with lots of cabinets and shelves maybe a desk.  The space will include a pool table and likely have rich leather chairs.

Modern Game Room

A media room that is comfortable and stocked with snacks is perfect for even the most hardcore gamer.

For those not really interested in the classic the man cave might provide space to spend time playing call of duty.  This space will need a large flat screen T.V. comfortable seating for hours of game play.  Don’t forget the kitchen area to grab snacks without having to go too far from the game.

In House Pub

Its hard to go wrong with a pub in your house.

This theme would certainly accommodate the most versatile space.  First a foremost this area will need a bar with all the bells and whistles.  A T.V. or two for Sunday.  A poker table and various other seating options.  This space might include a pool table and dart board.

Super Garage

Gear heads would love to escape to their garage for some “me time”

For the gear head the ideal space to escape to is going to have to include the ability to wrench on cars.  A seating are with a T.V. a fridge for drinks and plenty of space for the cars.  These spaces demand cabinets and organization.

There is truly no end to the options you have available to create your own man cave.


What is your man cave must have?

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5 Fun Facts about Bathrooms you Always Wanted to Know
If you don't ask you will never know.

5 Fun Facts about Bathrooms you Always Wanted to Know

If you don’t ask you will never know.

Bathrooms are not just a must have room they are one we rarely consider.  So for you trivia junkies out there take a look at these 5 facts on Bathrooms.

Get it Together Boys

Save lives, put the seat down.

The age old battle over the toilet seat has some bearing.  It isn’t just a preference for women there are statistics that should be considered.  85% of bathroom injuries are caused by people falling into the toilet after the seat has been left up.  Maybe next time you fall victim to this serious issue you should lead with this fact.  You can’t argue with facts.

There’s a God for that?

Ancient Rome had a god for everything.

Everyone knows that Ancient Rome was a very advanced society.  But maybe all of their innovation and advancement was divine intervention.  In Ancient Rome they had a toilet god called Crepitus.  So, is that the porcelain god people refer to?

Of Course, this is a Thing

When you have copious amounts of gold you can make a bathroom.

It seems there is a world record for just about anything. The Guinness Book of World Records has declared a bathroom in Hong Kong as the most expensive in the world at a whopping 3.5 million dollars. How do you get the honor of the worlds most expensive bathroom?  Well you use only gold and precious gems of course.  Take a minute to consider the definition of over improving.

Home Away From Home

Ahhh, home sweet home.

An average person spends 3 years in the bathroom.  That is a big investment.  It makes sense that the bathroom has become a place for splurging and remodeling.  I mean if you have to give a room that much of your time it better be an enjoyable place.

And the Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To….

Who knew this wholesome family show was so cutting edge.

Truly, the bathroom is one of those things we just kind of take for granted.  We don’t necessarily take notice unless it is non-existent.  This is true even in T.V. Leave it to Beaver was the first television show to show a toilet.  I wonder if people even realized it was a first?  We’ve come a long way since then.  Now the popular T.V. show Shameless has the entire opening credits taking place in a bathroom.

Good Luck in your next bathroom trivia contest.  If competitive bathroom trivia isn’t your scene you can still whip one of these fun facts out during the next 7-minute awkward silence.

Join us on Facebook to ask your random or serious bathroom questions.

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Garage Storage Solutions You Must Have
Declutter your garage and create a space you love to play and work in.

Garage Storage Solutions You Must Have

Declutter your garage and create a space you love to play and work in.

Whether you want a place to hang out, work on cars, or just simply park garage storage is essential.  I am sure no one intends for their garage to become the catch all space in their home.  It seems odd that we all are guilty of stashing our “stuff” in the garage so that the house maintains a neat uncluttered appearance.  However, have you considered that anytime your garage door that the whole neighborhood can see the clutter and mess.  Not to mention the space becomes much less functional.  Don’t fear this isn’t the end.  Creative garage designs can increase your functionality and ensure you can take pride when that door opens.

Up Up and Away

Walls and Ceilings provide valuable real estate for storage.

One huge problem is that everything gets gathered on the ground.  But your garage has much more to offer.  Hanging items on the wall or even in the rafters will give you back the much needed floor space.  Slat Walls can help accomplish this without having to commit to certain dimensions.  With a slat wall you can move hooks around to fit your needs at the time and can be changed up whenever the need arises.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

There is no better way to organize than giving everything a place.

Cabinetry will help clear the clutter and help with efficiency.  Having a place to store certain items out of sight will add to the overall feel of the space not to mention the functionality it will provide.  Make sure you don’t overdo it though.  You will want to save space for a work bench and a place to hang tools and larger items.  Make sure you plan for some open wall space when you design the space and buy cabinetry.


Lighting will allow you to utilize your garage day or night.

While a lot of the ways to make your garage an overall better place to be lighting is also important.  Make sure you consider the functionality of the space.  If you will often be wrenching on things or woodworking you want to make sure you have proper lighting in the appropriate areas.  Also make sure that there is enough light to be able to find things in your new cabinets.  Lighting will not only encourage that the space is used according to your goals it will help to define the space.


going with something other than concrete will give your garage a more inviting look and feel.

If you plan to spend  lot of time in your garage or even have a group over for wrenching or to just hang out you may want to consider the flooring.  If you will be standing a lot you might want to consider mats in the garage.  Standing for long periods on concrete can cause all kinds of issues for you.

What is your biggest garage dilemma?  Join us on Facebook and let us know.

Random Kitchen Facts You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Ask
Everyone knows there is no dumb question. But lets face it there is useless information.

Random Kitchen Facts You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Ask

Everyone knows there is no dumb question. But lets face it there is useless information.

Kitchens seem to be the place that really tells a whole socio-economic story.  From basic fire hearths to the extravagance we can easily find today each era brought a new way to cook.  Here are some rather fascinating facts about kitchens and the things you find in them.

Show Me the Money

Chandeliers and a crystal island are just 2 of the features of the worlds most expensive kitchen.

The most expensive kitchen in the world by designer Cladio Celiberti was unveiled in 2011 at a whopping 1.6 million dollars.  The small kitchen boasts Swarovski crystal and copper surfaces.


Spinning your meat? ‘Aint no one got time for that.

In the Middle Ages turning meat on a spit was no one’s favorite job.  When there is work to be done and you don’t want to do it what do you do?  You outsource.  Dogs with short legs were bred to run in a wheel during cooking to run the spit.

Blame the Kitchen

Who knew using good manners was ruining our teeth.

If you are one of the many Americans paying your orthodontist a small ransom for tooth realignment you can thank something found in most every kitchen.  Your utensils.  Before the ability to cut food into small bite sizes the act of biting down on food prevented people from developing an overbite

Horse Before the Cart?

How did it take 45 years to come up with the can opener?

Sometimes innovations come out of order.  Take for example the kitchen staple of canned food.  I am sure everyone owns at least 1 can opener, but when canned food was first introduced the handy kitchen tool had not been thought up.  It took 45 years for the can opener to be invented.

New Isn’t Always Better

Its apparently an oldie but a goodie.

Everyone wants to be the most efficient and there is never a shortage of ideas to make things easier.  During the 64 years between 1856 and 1920 there were almost 700 patents for egg beaters.  Remarkably we all still use the French design from the 16th century.

Not a Bad Math Joke

Don’t tell your math teacher that you actually do need geometry in “the real world”.

Speaking of making life easier one kitchen innovation that stuck was the “kitchen work triangle”.  In 1920 focus on the ergonomics and efficiency became a focal point in kitchen design.  By 1929 the first L-shaped kitchen was introduced and by 1940 the “kitchen work triangle” became the staple for a good kitchen design.

So now you are armed with new useless information that will help you win your next round of trivia.  Who knows, maybe you now hold the answer to a winning Jeopardy question.

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3 Things to Consider Before You Build Your Outdoor Kitchen
Whether you want extra prep space or a full service area the options are endless.

3 Things to Consider Before You Build Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens provide a much needed summer entertaining space.

You finally have a dream kitchen and you love to have friends and family over for a meal.  With the weather getting nicer and summer nearly upon us a lot of these events are moving outside.  The problem with hosting get together in the summer is you get stuck inside and are unable to spend time with your guests. While it doesn’t add square footage, it will add value if you consider building an outdoor kitchen.  Here are 3 Things to consider when you are planning on adding this valuable outdoor space to your home.


1. What purpose will it serve

Whether you want extra prep space or a full service area the options are endless.

Outdoor kitchens are so vast and customized, it is almost overwhelming.  Deciding what you need your outdoor kitchen to be.  Do you just want a little more prep space by the grill?  Consider building a counter top surround.  Will you be hosting parties in your new space?  You might need prep space, a drink station and storage.  Paring down your goal will help you to know exactly what you are looking for.

2. Durability

Choosing material that will last for years will make this new space one you love to be in.

Remember that these outdoor kitchens are not mobile (in most cases).  You need to choose products that will provide sustainability and durability.  There are some amazing ideas out there and great products.  Like stainless steel and GeoLuxe tops.  Check out this article from This Old House  that talks about some cost effective stone options.  If you want to create a space that you love to spend time in, you have to invest in materials that will last.

3. Budget

Having a budget in mind will always help keep a project on track and ease stress.

I know I just ruined the moment.  However, your budget will have some driving force in what you build and how you build it.  Once you know what functionality the space needs to serve and what products will provide the necessary durability you will have a better idea of how you can accomplish your outdoor kitchen with in your budget.


  1. Function
  2. Longevity
  3. Budget

So armed with an idea of what you want and how it needs to be made and the financial constraints you can go out and create that beautiful outdoor space.

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Hidden Design Inspiration From Harry Potter
Bringing the magic of Harry Potter home by incorporating these great inspired designs.

Hidden Design Inspiration From Harry Potter

Bringing the magic of Harry Potter home by incorporating these great inspired designs.

It has been nearly 2 decades since J.K. Rowling introduced us to Harry Potter.  In awe, inspiring persistence we are still in love with the wizarding world.  The question is how can we get the look?  I have compiled a list of the styles brought to us with some application for today.


Traditional Kitchen with a Dursley vibe.

The Dursleys are most certainly not the heroes of the story but since they had a style that can speak to many.  Their home brought visions of dark wood features mixed with floral patterns, and pastel colors.  I imagine there were bronze or gold finishes as well as a clean contrasting counter top.


Embrace your inner Weasley with this Bohemian look.

The Weasley’s are quite the opposite of the Dursleys in pretty much every way possible.  They had a busy home full of gadgets.  However, they had a warm inviting environment.  To accomplish this think wood tops, colorful cabinetry and a bit of this and that.  Deep, rich jewel tones create the environment that we feel as we read about the home we all wish to visit.

Steam Punk

Industrial Steam Punk design screams Hogwarts.

Most of the common rooms and offices at Hogwarts conjures visions of rich wood tones with bronzes and a splash of antique inspiration.  Think rustic lodge meets industrial vibe.  Copper and concrete.


In small spaces organization and light colors will give you a spacious feel.

In the end, we watch as our gang of heroes lives in a tent that has all the creature comforts needed to forget the part where you are in a tent.  I think it had to have lots of great and creative storage.  Any furniture that might have been there would have been very neutral and served multiple purposes.


Cozy cottage design will give you the same relaxing feeling of Shell Cottage.

The short time that we spent in Shell Cottage I felt like the vibe would be very much like a green house.  Plants everywhere and light colors with wonderful warm natural light.  Think whites and tans with natural pops of color.

So, regardless of your design personality there are plenty of ways to channel your inner wizard and bring the magic into your spaces.

What would your Harry Potter design include?  Let us know on Facebook.

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The Secret of a Successful Kitchen or Bath Remodel – Part 3
Dreams can come true. Now all that is left is to enjoy

The Secret of a Successful Kitchen or Bath Remodel – Part 3

Demo can be messy and inconvenient, but keep your eye on the prize.

You have planned and begun work on your dream kitchen or bath remodel. The demolition is done or nearly done.  Living in a construction zone is hard.  Maybe its louder or messier than you imagined.  While you can see the light at the end of the tunnel you can’t quite tell how far away that light is.

In our previous 2 parts of this series we have talked about the planning and preparation parts of the process to remodel your space.  We are almost done, life will get back to normal shortly in all its beauty.


It is a mess but it is starting to take shape.

You have taken everything out of your existing bathroom or kitchen.  You are fully invested at this point and there is no way to turn back now.  Before your new cabinets are installed you should make sure everything else is ready to go.  In order to template your counter tops you will need to have your sink purchased and on site.  Your designer and contractor will be able to talk to you about the steps needed to ready your space for the big day.

A team of installers will likely be delivering and installing your cabinets.  If you chose to work with an all-inclusive firm they will have already coordinated with the counter top fabricator.  In most cases the template can be done on the 2nd day of installation unless the installers feel like only having one day to get the base cabinets in is unrealistic.  They know how frustrating it can be when one trade is behind schedule and then everyone needs to adjust so they are focused on setting a realistic time line.

Be prepared, there will more than likely be a hiccup. This will manifest differently in each job.  Remember that in any remodel or renovation you have several moving parts that are all relying on other moving parts to accomplish the final project.

Although there are so many moving parts, at all levels there should be a plan in place to minimize the inconvenience of the inevitable hiccups.

The Big Day

In all the chaos the things going on around you can be really interesting. The counter top template process is just one of the fascinating things going on here.

When the team arrives to install your kitchen, you will be unable to access the space until installation is done.  Make sure that you are taking into account inconveniences during the time between demolition and instillation. Generally, the installation team will try and put things back together as much as is possible before they leave for the day.  Ideally, they prefer to get the installation complete on the first day and maybe just come back on the second day to install the fine details.

The counter top folks will come in with their laser and template your kitchen or bathroom.  If you have never watched this before it is quite amazing to see.  Once the template is complete it takes about 2 weeks in most cases, to fabricate the surface and install your new counter top.  You must keep your base cabinets empty for the counter top installation.   Talk with your designer or contractor about the possibility of hooking a temporary sink until your counter tops are installed.


Dreams can come true. Now all that is left is to enjoy.

The last thing left to do is sit back take it all in and enjoy.  You are now able to feel and touch what not so long ago was just a dream.  You earned it.  Cook a family dinner or take that long-deserved soak.  This is the best part of  this process.

Embarking on a kitchen or bath remodel can be a stressful and scary process.  Hopefully armed with knowledge of how it works before you begin will allow you to take it all in and enjoy this really exciting process.  If you have questions or want to talk with us about starting your remodel project we are happy to talk with you.  Contact us here or on Facebook

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The Secret of a Successful Kitchen or Bath Remodel – Part 2
With so many moving parts there are likely to be a least a few hiccups.

The Secret of a Successful Kitchen or Bath Remodel – Part 2

You finally trudged through the weeds and its time to get started.  If not, you don’t want to miss our first post in this series on the kitchen or bath remodel process.

What’s next?  The first stage in the process was probably familiar and predictable.  The next stage can be very grey to someone on the outside.  With your savings and dreams on the line, being on the outside can be unsettling and stressful.  That is the last thing we want.  A quality kitchen and bathroom dealer should walk with their clients from start to finish because we believe that any renovation or remodel should be exciting and fun.

Acquiring the materials

After you order your materials it can take 4-6 weeks or longer for delivery.

Once you hire a firm or designer the next step is to sign the required documents and in most cases you will pay at least a portion of the estimate.  Once that is done things move rather slowly.  The order will be placed for your cabinetry and your hardware.  Once this order goes through it will take anywhere from 4-6 weeks for those materials to arrive.  During busy times of the year this timeline could be extended further.


You can contract out your demolition or do it yourself to save a little money on your renovation project

You may have chosen to take on the dirty work of demolition, or you might have decided to pay your contractor or installation team to take on the project.  In either case, you will still need to prep for this step.  Ask your designer or contractor if you will need to move the appliances out of the kitchen.  You will need to make sure that you empty all of your belongings out of the space to make way for the existing items to come out.  Make sure that you place items you will still need in a place that is easy to access because once the show starts it might be hard to have to dig through everything looking for what you need.

Before demolition starts you will need to consider what to do with your existing cabinets.  You may want to check out our blog post about reusing your old cabinets and fixtures here.  If you are not going to be giving your items a new life then you may need to decide if you will need to get a roll off dumpster while you undergo this process.  The contractor or designer should be able to let you know what they would recommend doing.  You might also check with your trash company to see if they have an upcoming big trash day or if you can pay a little extra to have them haul it for you.  There are also dumpster bag options available but first make sure you will be able to meet the weight and size restrictions.

Be Prepared

With so many moving parts there are likely to be a least a few hiccups.

It’s the old boy scout rule to always be prepared.  Like most anything else, that motto will serve you well.  Remodeling is a very exciting time and it is amazing to watch as a dream goes from your mind’s eye, to paper, to actual tangible results.  Try and manage your expectations.  Like so many other things in life this process takes time.  It also requires that you make a mess before you see the fulfillment of your design.  Having flexibility throughout this process is going to help you better enjoy the crazy adventure.

When you take on even a “simple” remodel you are going down a path that consists of several moving parts.  In many cases these parts will move smoothly and work together as planned.  However, that is not always the case.  There will likely be some form of hiccup at some or maybe even all stages of this process.  Most trades that are involved in your project will do whatever they can to minimize delays and inconvenience when it is possible.  What is important here is to remember that this is a messy process and focus on the end result.  Everyone working on the project has the same end in their mind.  We all want to see the reality of your vision.

  • Order your supplies and materials

  • Begin or prepare for the demolition

  • Have a realistic expectation of progress and delays

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It’s All About Design Personality…. Or Is It?
With so many choices where do you start to find your design personality?

It’s All About Design Personality…. Or Is It?

With so many choices where do you start to find your design personality?

There is no escaping those “quick” quizzes that are will knock your socks off and tell you everything you never knew about yourself.  Maybe your friend took it and was so impressed that they “shared their results”.  Maybe, you took one once 5 years ago and now suddenly, it’s a suggested post.  Either way I decided to see how accurate these tests were.

A quick google search for Interior design personality quiz rendered more than 800,000 results in less than half a second (the speed here in itself is mind-blowing especially to someone who grew up using the library’s card catalog).  The first thing I wanted to test was if I could get the same result on multiple quizzes.  I completed 4 totally different quizzes.  Not only did I not get the same result, but they were all over the place.  So, that would probably lead you to believe that they are all bunk and ignore them (or maybe we already knew that but sometimes the quizzes help get you through the mid-day slump).


Apartment Therapy

The first quiz that I took was on apartment therapy’s website.  It asked 7 questions and some of the questions you could admit you did not like anything that was presented.  My result here was the “Eclectic Collector”.  What does that mean exactly? Well, basically that means an unfocused lover of all things awesome.  There is a danger with this style that you will not look awesome so much as like a hoarder.  Watch out!

Bright colors and interesting design with no real focus except the wow factor.

Play Buzz

The next quiz I took was on Play buzz.  This one was 8 questions long and for the most part were more personality based than design related.  On this one my results were “traditional”.  So in a matter of minutes I went from an easy going eclectic collector to a carefully curated precise design personality.  Am I suddenly suffering from a serious case of multiple personalities?  Moving On.

Neutral colors, and the soft lines scream careful planing and traditional sense.


No joke, the next quiz I took was on the esurance website.  You know the auto and home insurance provider.  I seriously doubt that they are a leading voice of interior design but I thought, “what the heck”.  This quiz was 7 questions long and like the previous one was more about personality than design. My result here was “Classic”.  Meaning neutrals and floral print all around.  But also comfort.

Warm colors and inviting textures send out an inviting classic feel.


Finally, I took the quiz provided by HGTV.  If these guys aren’t the experts I am not sure who is exactly.  This quiz was 9 questions long and all design related.  My result here was “Cottage”.  Cottage design is cozy and comfortable but full or vibrant color.

Earth tones and a pop of color scream cozy cottage in the country.


After 4 quizzes I gave up trying to get the same style twice.  However, I did realize something.  It seems like the popular thought is not that these quizzes really peg a person and they are more just something to pass time or encourage the ever resilient and resourceful procrastinator.  I am not at all arguing that point but these 4 seemingly unrelated “design personalities” might not be so far apart and maybe they really do all have me pegged.

I am a lover of all things awesome and in my house you will find things from the think geek library to great artists.  Color abounds and I do like things to feel cozy. But I really stray away from some of the modern looking industrial furniture designs and would choose a wing back chair over a modern Marquee Arm Chair.  So, my conclusion which trust be is totally biased, is that maybe it takes multiple answers to uncover your true self.  Who knows maybe you will find out something brand new about yourself.

Take the quizzes for your self and share them with us on Facebook.

Take the Quizzes

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